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 WebSite Maintenance

Website maintenance is just that, maintaining an already existing site that doesn't need any new coding. No major changes are necessary but you need help updating the sites content. Maybe you have some newer product pictures or text to be added, or perhaps some of the information currently on the site is no longer valid and needs to be removed, this is website maintenance.

For an hourly fee I can be hired to maintain your website. Just as the pricing for website design and development can vary widely depending on the size and scope of the project, so can pricing for website maintenance. That fee will be determined by the amount and type of work to be done after consultation. Weekly & monthly maintenance fees can also be negotiated.

If you need more than maintenance, please fill out the Questionaire and include the changes you want made to your current site. Perhaps you want a whole new look or features added. Or you like the look, but need the code updated to current standards. Or you have pages of new content to add. This type of work would be considered new and not maintenance.


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