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CreationDreams.net V6
CreationDreams.net - An eclectic mix of my favorite things including Bruce Cockburn

Many changes are in store for this website, which once was home to my photo galleries, homesteading info, hobbies and Bruce Cockburn, live CD and DVD archives. I decided to port this old website over to WordPress and reorganized the content. This is still a work in progress, with the section getting the most attention being my archive of Bruce Cockburn live show cds, radio and internet interviews, and dvds from internet and tv.

This site is using WordPress with the default TwentyTen theme and the custom graphics from Nick La's Koi Theme. (I love love Nick La's art!). It also has many custom templates and extensive CSS styling changes. (2011 - 2012)


CreationDreams.net V4
CreationDreams.net   CreationDreams.net

CreationDreams.net v4, my personal web space. This site is always in production, as it is a personal space I am often re-working and re-coding it. I use this space to show case some of my hobbies, and passions. I hope to totally revamp CreationDreams.net within the next year, making a CMS managed site with a photo gallery, spinning off the Bruce Cockburn section into its own domain, and reworking all the rest.

I built this site to the XHTML 1 transitional standard, with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for positioning and styling, and using SSI (Server Side Includes). (I moved this site into WordPress in 2011 after years of no updating, the new site is still a work in progress in 2012.)

CreationDreams.net - V3
CreationDreams.net - V3 

CreationDreams.net v3 was my first attempt to use CSS for stylings other than text. This has a CSS styled table/div set up. It is coded to the HTML 4.01 Transitional standard and uses SSI (Server Side Includes).

CreationDreams.net - V2
CreationDreams.net - V2 

CreationDreams.net v2 was my first attempt to use CSS for layout, borrowing a layout from www.glish.com and adapting the look feel myself. This site was never completed as is, but I learned a lot from the process. :-)


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