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 Design Steps :


 Design & Development Questionaire

Pricing for website design and development can vary widely depending on the size and scope of the project. This questionaire is designed to help us focus on your design needs, and to aid me in giving you an accurate pre-work quote.

  the questionaire:
Contact Information:

Name or Company:
E-Mail address:
Mailing Address:
Current URL:
Contact Person:

Domain Information:

Do you have a domain name registered?
Domain Name:
Do you need to register a domain name?
What is the domain you want to register?

Website Purpose:

What is the purpose of your website?

  1. To Promote, Advertise, Market, or build name recognition on the Internet
  2. To Distribute resources, information, products, etc...
  3. To Sell Products or Services Directly on the Internet
  4. To Entertain
  5. To Inform
  6. Other:

What goals do you hope to accomplish with a website?
What style or image do you want your internet image to be?
Estimate of how many pages? (1-5) (6-10) more?

Images - Text:

Do you have a logo? Is it in a digital form?
Can you provide "web ready" graphics, photographs, artwork, etc. on a disc (cd, zip, or floppy disk)?
If not web ready, do you have images (graphics, photographs, artwork, etc.) you want to use? Are they on a disc?
Do you have all the text copy content written to disc?
Will you need help writing the text copy content?

Website Development:

Will you need:
Custom forms or requests for miscellaneous information?
On-line order forms (Non Secure) ?
On-line order forms (Secure for credit card processing, etc.) ?
Online 'Shopping Carts' or other forms of e-commerce ?


Do you have a webhosting account?
Will you need help setting up a webhosting account?
Who will maintain your site once it is online?
Will you need help with search engine optimization?

Highlight the questionaire, copy, paste into an email message, answer the questions and send.


I prefer to give the client an initial quote, giving them a more accurate idea of the total cost of the web site. Please use the above questionaire and email me for a quote consultation.
I will not try to quote definite prices for website design, development, or maintenance here.

Please contact me with any questions. A free 1/2 hour consultation, via email or phone (your quarter), is available for serious inquiries, remember my time is valuable.


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